time for a feel-good

you’ve heard me bitch and moan about this winter, everyday. or multiple times a day.

after talking to my mom, i’ve realized that…

a) my constant complaining isn’t making spring arrive any quicker…in fact it’s probably just making people annoyed of me.

b) nobody likes chiberia…why do i think that i’m special and announcing some unheard of news?

c) energy is generated off people & my depressy-negative-whiney attitude isn’t generating any positive energy into the universe…!


so, moving forward, i am committed to…drumroll…posting a feel-good twice a week (until this city sees 50 degrees baby!) to hopefully bring some laughs, light, and love to this city! i’ll be including a quote, a song, a picture, and one thing i will do this week that makes me happy!

song up top by New Radicals always gets me in a feel-good mood!

quote board on pinterest is quite the collection now…


picture love; so many little things about this – squinty eyes, masters hat, bear hugs, blonde babes


this week i look forward to seeing my cousins at brunch on Sunday to celebrate birthdays!

let’s conquer the last bit of this winter with feel-good vibes! share yours!

as i sit


i, nor any of my closest friends (at least to my knowledge), would ever classify me as “boy crazy”.

i’m that girl that has always been considered ‘one of the guy’s/a guy’s girl’. not in the sense that i’m a tomboy…puh-lease! i LOVE new dresses, wedges, silk blouses and having a fresh mani-pedi every other week {not to mention, getting my hair done the day roots start to show}. but in the sense that i am no-drama, real chill, easy-to-get-along-with, i’ll do whatever, sit on the couch and watch football and drink beer, kind of girl.

i’m that girl that was adopted by an apartment full of guy friends down the hall at college because i couldn’t stand to hear another complaint by my roommates about petty bullsh*t. i drank beer, they drank vodka. i wore chucks out, they wore heels out. and if my college boyfriend and i got in a fight; it was more likely the case that i would go cry about it to my guy friends than a girlfriend. something about that straight talk, no-bullshit, mentality really resonated with me. they would give it to me straight and somehow that made any situation easier to deal with & move on instantly.

but in some time since my college days, there was a shift. i found myself laying awake countless nights since moving into the city with memories dancing in my head about my first love {and questions about how and why it ended?}…wine induced, possibly? and then i caught myself singing aloud to taylor swift in my apartment, speaking to one guy or another through her sappy, whoa is me, f-this-guy lyrics, flipping my hair back and forth, and….scene.

okay, or maybe the beat was just catchy…

but the question remains — why should i even care? if he wasn’t the one, why.does.it.matter? there are ‘so many other fish in the sea’ says every girl. and, modestly speaking of course, i have built a great life for myself in this best in the midwest city of Chicago. i have a cute apartment, an amazing job that doesn’t even feel like work, get to see my family whenever i want (which i do not take for granted!), and a group of undeniably awesome people that make me laugh my ass off, work my ass off, shake my ass when i’m out, and pick my ass up when i’m down.

still don’t think people would consider me boy crazy. i take a long time to move on (4 years, whoa baby) and i will admit, i’m not great in the dating world. i get nervous and usually flake out last minute or will come up with some lame-ass excuse about why i can’t go. i attribute this to dating my best friend. my only boyfriends have been best friends prior to us dating. simply put, it’s easy to date your best friend — someone you can laugh with, agree to disagree with, always be there for, call me out, but still have an undeniable connection.

fast forward to my life now — i’m driving with my dad in the car and he’s giving me the weekend recap of my family’s whereabouts, conversation makes it’s way to my coupled-up siblings. both serial daters. and while i give my dad a ol’ punch on the shoulder i jokingly (kind of) reassure him “yea…don’t worry about me” while my eyes widen and my smile slants in worry. and then he gave me one of the most special moments i’ve ever had. confidently, and with no sarcasm, he makes eye contact and says, “you? i’m not worried one bit.” and it made me feel like i’m right where i need to be.

this one lesson that has taken me years to learn…

have the courage to suspend your dream so you can appreciate your current reality.

so t.swift, even though you weren’t up for any awards last night at the grammy’s, i nominate you for speaking to my singleness right now. the difference? i’m happy with it, but i’ll still rock out in unison with you and flip my hair dramatically, because it’s fun right now.

quote from: daniellelaporte.com; daily truthbomb

this be it.

you’re going to call me a grinch, but i couldn’t be happier that the 2013 holiday season has passed. yes, i enjoy visiting with family and friends, dressing up for holiday parties, and toasting to a new year as much as the next gal. but for me, the holidays also bring a constant full stomach of sugar, a lack of money in my back account, bitter cold weather, and too much hype. the end of the holiday season also means a new year, and reflecting on the past one. so, as i sit and muddle over the whole cliché resolution theme on this first day of 2014, the only thought that keeps recurring in my head is, “who am i?”

this question has been replaying since check-in at work the other day. when i was asked by my manager, “what was your biggest accomplishment in 2013? and what do you want to say at the end of 2014?” i froze. and my brain raced. those defining questions were speeding in my brain: what did i accomplish in 2013? what am i most proud of? what could i have done better? would i be happier if…? what did i create? what did i gain? what advice did i receive? who was i able to be for other people? did i do everything i wanted to? did i accomplish enough? 

for instance, when i look at my past posts in this blog and realize my last post was on 03/15/13, i get bummed. i created this blog with the intention of writing one time per week, not for a class or for my parents or for work, but for me. and i ask, “why didn’t i stay committed to this? what else did i not stay committed to and why?”

i turned 24 this year. cool, so why do i feel so unaccomplished after having 24 years of life under my belt? i know what you’re thinking, ‘you’re soooo young!’ and my response is ‘but i want to do soooo much! for the past six months, this was a common conversation between myself and some amazing women in my life whom are all older, and more importantly, experienced and wiser than i. after exchanging stories and receiving advice, my main concern was still “i feel like i should have so much more checked off on my list”. and i always received the same response: you are right where you need to be.

of course in 365 days of work, play, sweat, and development i am bound to see success and failure, places of opportunity. when was that ‘ah-ha’ moment where i figured it all out? have i even had that moment? probably not. why not? because i am in an ever-changing state of being and i must continue to live in that space. 

so, if you’re like me and your gut reaction when asked “what did you accomplish this year?” is OMG nothing…! breathe. i promise you have. and just take a couple moments to relish in your success this past year. and in 2014…be generous with yourself, commit yourself, push yourself, set kick-ass goals for yourself, but be generous with yourself.

the hurdles i have jumped over the past year…some were easy to step right over and others i have been trying to clear for years now. but today, i appreciate the moments, the people, the advice, the new relationships, and the smiles & laughs that helped complete my year. my resolution is more of a question & is the same for everyday of 2014, “who do i want to be?”

and everyday, be it.



hey diva! (hand pose)

you are always a little light in my life, but lately you have made an impact on so many people around you. you have taken control and are rocking your life as well as other’s around you! your motivation, encouraging words, and positive tude are just a couple of the things that inspire those around you, on a daily basis. you have a contagious energy, it is unreal. whenever i walk into the store, good mood, bad mood, pissed off mood, jealous mood, boy stupid mood, i know that it will turn around within 5 seconds of me walking through the doors and hearing your “hey girl hey!”. it’s impossible to not smile!

you are basically a part of the fam…but, really. you’ve already made it home for thanksgiving at the mccarthy household, not even a boyfriend has made that (not like there’s been one for that….ehm) but regardless! getting nails done, making dinner at my apartment, going out for dolla holla at duffys, hosting people at your home, pilates sesh at flex (lip syncing mariah carey, beyonce, or any other diva in this celeb world) all the while screaming about how our inner thighs, ass, arms, or abs are burning (thanks Tracy!!), or simply sitting enjoying each other’s company with the ladies on my floor eating take out thai food. every moment makes me smile!

you are an amazing friend, caring daughter and sister, trusting leader and beautiful person! so happy to call you one of my greatest friends!